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Philly Dietitian - Blog

A blog by Philadelphia based dietitian, Theresa Shank RD LDN, who provides nutritional counseling and diet planning to get you eating, feeling, and looking your best today! 

Football Sunday at Smith's Restaurant & Bar

Steve Rendall

Watching football on Sunday? This is what the Philly Dietitian eats at Smith's Restaurant and Bar. This crab cake salad is mixed with roasted fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, spinach and edamame. Yum! 

Here's a healthy tip: To keep this dish lighter, ask them to put less potatoes and more spinach. 

What do you eat there? Check out the menu here >


Philly Dietitian now consulting for Concierge Physical Therapy& Wellness

Steve Rendall

Concierge Physical Therapy& Wellness is Philadelphia's premier provider of on-site rehabilitation, wellness, and medical fitness. They provide one-on-one orthopedic and sports PT, and wellness to busy people in their homes, offices, and fitness centers. Their goal is to provide a better health care experience, make rehab and wellness more feasible, and help their patients meet their own goals.